Paleo Summer Picnic Menu


Nothing says summer like a picnic. So to celebrate the start to this summer we’ve compiled a simple but delicious summer picnic menu. These dishes will delight your taste buds. They also travel great so they’ll be intact when you make it to your perfect picnic spot. We hope your summer is a wonderful one.

Paleo Summer Picnic Menu

  1. Paleo Fruit Basket– Design your own fruit basket and load it up with the bounty of summer!
  2. Paleo Smoked Salmon Wraps– Bring your wraps and a container of ingredients, and make your wraps on location.
  3. Simple Tuna Wraps– You can keep these as wraps or serve it as a tuna salad. Both options are delicious.
  4. Paleo Energy Bars– These bars will give you a nutritious boost but they’re also fantastic as a dessert.
  5. Baked Apple Chips– These chips are delicious, will fill you up and pair well with most dishes.

For other great picnic recipe ideas take a look through our blog. We hope you enjoy your picnic and time outdoors.

Happy Summer!

Melissa Van Dover

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PALEO Cleanse: Summer Solution


We know that biting into a big juicy piece of steak while your friends are picking away at a tiny summer salad always makes for a table turner. Nobody can ever get over just how much we eat, but the fact is, if you eat the foods that our human digestive system can easily breakdown, you can eat a whole lot more than you ever thought (without the guilt).

But we know it’s summer–the season of more outdoor time and a whole lot less clothing–and we all want to look our very best. The good news is that gone are the days of heavily restricted eating, calorie counting, liquid diets etc. The world has finally figured out that by following a diet similar to our Ancestors, we can happily eat solid, seemingly fatty foods and still look dashing!

In PALEO Cleanse we walk you through 30-Days of Paleo eating with customizable weekly meal plans that are easy to make but delicious and varied enough to keep you from getting bored. It’s a great way to detox this summer without deprivation dieting. Plus, most people drop pounds, enjoy clearer skin and more toned bodies after just a few weeks on the Cleanse.

So now, when everyone is salivating at the grass-fed steak you are happily devouring you can think to yourself, “you need a copy of PALEO Cleanse”! 😉

Nutrition Quote

Happy summer eating, the healthy way,

Camilla and Melissa

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Natural Summer Skin Treatments


As wonderful as summer is, the beating rays can cause damage to exposed skin. Luckily, there are some natural ingredients that are most likely already in your kitchen which can help to prevent and to heal sunned skin. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is as beneficial to your skin as it is to your cells. Unlike most store sold moisturizer, coconut oil is fat based and petroleum free. Most moisturizers are water based, leaving your skin dry after the water dries, and have many artificial ingredients (and in some cases perfumes) for commercial benefit.

The natural oil content found in coconut oil makes it a wonder-drug for naturally preventing dry skin and for nourishing hair follicles. Just buy organic, extra-virgin coconut oil–that way you know it’s free of GMOs, bleach and perfumes.

Apply coconut oil to your hands, feet or any other dry areas and use it as a deep conditioning hair mask, allowing the oil to penetrate for 10-20 minutes before rinsing thoroughly (from personal experience I don’t recommend using it as a leave-in conditioner as it can leave your hair looking oily).

The natural fat content of coconut oil leaves skin moist and smooth and hair shiny and hydrated; what’s more, it has anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Avocados and Avocado Oil

Like the coconut, avocados are an excellent source of natural fat. They also contain various essential oils and vitamins, such as vitamin E, that your skin can benefit from.

The vitamin E content makes avocado perfect as a dry skin solution, while the humectants found in the peel provide additional moisture.

The oily contents also make for a hydrating scalp treatment and a natural oil-bath. Olive Oil

Last but not least, olive oil is not only great on summer salads, it’s rich in fatty acids, making it great for the skin as well.

A completely natural exfoliant can be made by mixing equal parts salt and olive oil.

Olive oil has also been popularized as a natural shaving cream alternative that helps prevent summer skin rashes, and as an excellent way to clean BBQ grease off your hands!

That’s more than you bargained for out of your Paleo kitchen oils, I’m sure. Now that’s making the most of summer!

Camilla Carboni

@camillacarboni |