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The Magic is in YOU!

by Julie Griffin

So much of the time in life we are looking for that ONE thing to flip the switch for our life… that one diet to finally work. That one exciting fitness program or newfangled workout equipment that’s gonna be IT.

You know, the one that miraculously causes us to not quit just days in.
Or maybe it’s that relationship that will finally make us happy. That job that we’ve been dreaming of to fulfill us. That number in the bank account that will make all our problems go away…

We are always looking for that ONE Magic thing to bring about the change that we are desperately wanting in our life. But what if I told you that will never happen.

There is no Magic diet or exercise program. No Magic relationship or dream job. No Magic number in our bank account that can make our problems go away.

Yes, a diet may make us lose a few pounds for awhile, but if we don’t learn to how to heal our relationship with food first, or how to make sustainable life choices in our eating, all we will have accomplished is another failed fad diet and we’ll end up right back where we started. Many times even worse than before.

Or we may commit to that new fitness routine or show up to that exercise class, for a few days at least. We may even purchase that shiny, new exercise equipment and actually use it, for a bit… before we lose steam and it turns into another place to store our laundry and collect dust. Because if we don’t learn how to push past our feelings, creating discipline and consistency within ourselves first, there is no fitness fad, class, program, or equipment that will bring about the transformation to our bodies we so badly want to see.

Our relationships will follow the same patterns, we will still be unhappy in our “dream job”. And that bank account that finally looks like you want it to? Your problems won’t be going anywhere. Because all those things are just tools. Lifeless tools that hold no Magic. They only work in the hands of Magic. They are not the magic. They will never do what you are wanting them to. They hold no fairy dust that is going to come along and melt off the weight, or make you want to push your body to new heights while blowing your mind of what you are capable of! They can’t make you happy and fulfilled, or your
problems just disappear. Because they aren’t Magic. You are. The Magic is in YOU.

You ARE the Magic.

You are the only one who has the power to get in control of your eating and make good, healthy choices of what to put in your body!

You are the only one who has the power to wake up every day and produce the discipline and consistency required to watch your body change before your very eyes.

You are the one who makes yourself happy, not another person or relationship. Or a job. Or numbers in a bank account.

It’s you. Say it with me… You ARE the Magic. You are the MAGIC. YOU are the Magic!

The Magic is in you to overcome, to change, to conquer, to be happy, to be fulfilled, to be free. To finally be the person you KNOW is in there… maybe they’re really deep down in there, but you’ve seen glimpses. You feel the stirring at times. That’s the Magic. That’s the YOU that knows you can do this.

That’s the you that KNOWS how powerful you really are!

I’m not gonna lie. It’s hard. It’s painful at times. But it’s in those hard times, those painful places… that’s WHERE the magic happens. Because it’s where you discover WHO you are, WHAT you’re capable of, and just how POWERFUL you can be! And I promise you, if you will go there… if you will tap into that place inside yourself and stop looking to external sources to do what only you can do, you will Blow. Your. Mind.

You will never look at yourself the same. Because you, my friend, are so full of Magic it’s breathtaking!

So what is it that you want? What is it that you’ve been trying to accomplish and are always looking to some outside source, something that is just a tool, to make it happen?

Now close your eyes, take a deep breath, and feel that Magic come alive in you… you feel it? That stirring and knowing that you are made for more than what you’ve been living?

Now embrace it, own it, and get ready for the ride of your life. Because when we tap into our Magic, our lives are never the same again.

Who wants more of the same anyway? Not me, and I’m venturing to say if you’re reading this, not you either. You are just too full of Magic for that.


image1Julie Griffin is a Mindset & Identity Coach for women, working specifically with women in the area of Health & Fitness, positive body image, and connecting to their core identity of Womanhood.

She is passionate about seeing women truly learn to love and embrace their whole selves, inside and out, and be empowered to show up in this world in a vibrant and colorful way.

She is a mom of two crazy, creative, and talented kids, an avid traveler, lifelong learner, all around adventuring soul, and champion of the potential of mankind. In no particular order, she loves yoga, weight lifting, dancing, city lights, having fun, hot weather, and all things ocean!

She would love to connect with you, so jump over to her website where you can stay in touch and up to date with the latest that is going on in her world. You can also connect with Julie on Facebook and Instagram. She would love to hear from you so don’t hesitate to drop her a line!