7 Tips For Paleo Living While Traveling


Trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling is a challenge. Let’s be honest, often times when we’re traveling it’s difficult to stay on track. Especially if you’re running around to meetings or have limited food options, lets say if you’re stuck in a theme park.

Don’t worry though, maintaining your paleo diet while traveling isn’t impossible. It just takes a little more work and determination.

The top 7 tips for staying paleo while traveling:

  1. Don’t wait till the last second- make sure you have snacks on hand or start preparing for a meal before you’re starving.
  2. Stay hydrated- often times we get so caught up with what we’re doing when we’re traveling that we forget to drink water. Your body can confuse thirst for hunger, so make sure you stay hydrated.
  3. Visit the grocery store- buying snacks or food from a restaurant or the hotel gift shop can be expensive and often times there are no paleo options. Take a half hour break and run to the local grocery store and pick up some fruits and nuts to stay on track.
  4. Preview the restaurant menu- before you go out to lunch or dinner spend 5 minutes online and find the best paleo option for your meal.
  5. Keep it simple- when you eat out keep it simple, vegetables and protein are always a safe bet. If you don’t know what to get order a steak, chicken breast or fish fillet and pair it with some veggies.
  6. Start off right- you’re much more likely to stay on track throughout the day if you start it off right. Make sure to eat a paleo breakfast and get in your morning exercise, you’ll be much more likely to stay on track for the rest of the day.
  7. Think about your options- it’s so easy to say that you can’t, before you get their think about your options and think about what you can control. You’ll be amazed at what you can actual control if you don’t count yourself out right away.

Maintaining your paleo lifestyle while you’re traveling isn’t impossible, it just takes a little extra work. Don’t give up before you’ve started, you’ll be amazed at how manageable it actually it is.

Here’s To Staying Paleo!

Melissa Van Dover

@melissavandover | melissavandover.com

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