Happy Wednesday Everyone!

It is with great excitement that we invite you to tune in to At A Glance Talk Radio Friday, April 24th at 8 pm PST.

We’ll be chatting with Radio Host, Rodney Bardin, LIVE about PALEO Cleanse!

He has read the book and wants to learn more. We can’t wait to chat with him during this 1 hour live Radio segment and we hope you can join us!

To listen live, visit  On the Air (KCTY FM 107.7) and hit the ‘play’ button up toward the right corner of that site.

Click the image below for details on all the stations you can tune into to catch this interview:

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To good health,

Camilla and Melissa

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Make Your Own Fruit Basket


Now this isn’t exactly a recipe but it’s fun and lets you do something with all those fruit rinds you’ve been throwing away. It’s also a great idea for a party, I made it at my Super Bowl party this year.


1 watermelon
a melon baller (an ice cream scoop will work as well)
a bowl
a knife
any other fruit you want


Cut your watermelon in half the short way.
Use the melon baller or ice cream scoop to scoop out the flesh of both halves of the watermelon and place in a bow, set the flesh aside it will be used to fill your basket up later.
Place one half of the rind aside, this will be the bottom of your basket.
Take the other half of the melon, you’re going to use this to make a handle for your basket. Place this rind cut side down and using your knife cut a strip from the middle. (I used honeydew melon rind in my picture, if you do this you’ll probably need to connect two strips with a toothpick to make it big enough to sit over the bottom of your basket).
Once you have your handle stick a toothpick into the bottom end of each side of the handle and stick it into the bottom of your basket.
You should now have a basket with a handle.
Now it’s up to you, you can cut flowers or decorations out of the rest of the fruit and connect it to your basket for decoration using a toothpick.
Cut up the remainder of your fruit, mix with your watermelon and stick into your basket to serve.

Have Fun!

Melissa Van Dover

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2. PALEO Cleanse Cover ImagePALEO Cleanse made the Amazon Best Seller list!

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