The Case For Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone


We have comfort zones for a reason. They help protect us from bad things and fulfill our need to be safe and grounded. For this reason comfort zones are great, however with everything there is a good and a bad. The bad with comfort zones is that they can lead us to being complacent and to act without thinking.

Complacency and acting without thinking are major contributors to becoming out of shape, having a poor diet and being generally unhealthy.

So it makes sense that if you find yourself in any state of living unhealthy that you may want to make a change and such a change will push you outside of your comfort zone. In this instance you have a great cause for stepping outside your comfort zone, that being said it could still be intimidating and scary. So to help make this change less intimidating we have 5 tips that will make stepping outside of your comfort zone to become a better you less overwhelming.

The 5 tips are…

  1. Don’t do it by yourself, find someone to join your on your journey to a healthier you. In the Paleo Cleanse we call this an accountability buddy.
  2. Have a plan. A guideline can be really helpful when you’re reaching for a health goal, spend a few minutes writing out what you plan to do.
  3. Get some help from those who have done it themselves. In the Paleo Cleanse we share our journey to health, listening to others who have been through the same experience will help to alleviate stress regarding your journey to a new you.
  4. Take it one day at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and the stress you may feel as you step outside your comfort zone and change will take time to ease.
  5. Keep the end prize in mind. Whenever you have doubts remember what you’re fighting for, it will keep you going.

Stepping outside your comfort zone can be intimidating but rewarding. This is especially true when we’re doing so to find a healthier version of yourself.

Happy Transformation!

Melissa Van Dover

@melissavandover |

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