Is Agave Paleo?


During our Demos at Natural Grocers we often receive questions about why we choose the particular products that we are using. We’ve noticed that there have been a lot of questions surrounding the use of Agave Nectar and wether or not it is actually Paleo.

So, is Agave Nectar Paleo?

Yes and No. Unfortunately, based on the research that is currently available there are conflicting views on whether or not Agave Nectar is actually Paleo. Let’s take a look at the arguments for and against Agave Nectar being Paleo.

For Agave Being Paleo:

  • It is actually derived from the Agave Plant, however it is from the starchy root of the plat versus the actual sap.
  • It does have a lower glycemic index than regular refined sugar.

Against Agave Being Paleo:

  • It is not in its natural, pure form. The Nectar we consume has gone through a process to extract the sweetener.
  • The process that the starchy part of the Agave Plant goes through to become a sweetener is similar to the process used to derive high fructose corn syrup.

It comes down to a personal choice as to whether or not you would like to include Agave Nectar in your Paleo diet. We choose to use it in our demos as an allergy substitute for honey, and while we believe honey would be the better Paleo choice we find Agave to be a better choice than normal table sugar.

A few notes about Agave Nectar and Sweeteners:

  • Agave is much sweeter than normal sugar, so in your recipes you most likely need far less Agave Nectar.
  • All sweeteners, regardless if they are Paleo; will increase your blood sugar levels and cause your body to produce insulin. Sweeteners should always be consumed in moderation.


Here are some links to the research  “For” and “Against” Agave being Paleo.

  1. Nourish Network
  2. The Weston A. Price Foundation

Have fun becoming Paleo educated!

Melissa Van Dover

@mvandover | 


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