A Successful Cookie Demo at Vitamin Cottage

Property of #ThePaleoPact

We had such a great time at our Valentine’s Paleo Cookie Demo on February 8th at Vitamin Cottage! We want to send a special thank you to Vitamin Cottage for hosting us. We can’t wait until our next demo which will be focused on Paleo appetizers. We’re also going to prepare a Paleo breakfast demo due to the high demand, so stay tuned for details on dates and times.

For those of you who where there, thank you for participating!

Here are a few photographs to commemorate a successful event!

Property of #ThePaleoPact

Property of #ThePaleoPact

Property of #ThePaleoPact Property of #ThePaleoPact

Property of #ThePaleoPact  Property of #ThePaleoPact

Property of #ThePaleoPact

If you weren’t able to make it visit The Paleo Pact on Facebook to download your free copy of our Cookie eBook.

Camilla and Melissa


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