Use It All!

The concepts of “Nose To Tail” eating and limiting the food you waste are huge in the Paleo community. “Nose To Tail” eating and trying to harvest all of the fruit and vegetables you’re consuming are also great mottos to follow because of the added nutrients they present in one’s diet.

Below I’m going to provide a few items that are outside of the normal western diet, these can help you in your quest of eating “Nose To Tail” and harvesting as much from your fruits and vegetables as possible. I’ll also give you some great ideas of ways to utilize animal or plant products that cannot be consumed.

Animal organs are a great source of nutrients and are often overlooked when cooking.
Animal bones can be used to create broths for soup.
Plant greens such as beet greens are delicious, not only can you eat the beet but you can also make a salad out of the beet greens.
Vegetable skins such as sweet potato skins can often be consumed and provide nutrients that may not be found in the flesh of the vegetable.
Oils are great for cooking or skin care and often come from many fruits and vegetables you’re familiar with.
Save the seeds  from your fruits or vegetables and take a stab at making your own garden.
Rinds often serve as great presentation dishes, take a look at my post on making a fruit basket to see how.

These were just a few examples of ways you can use more of the animals, fruits and vegetables you consume. Have an idea that we didn’t mention, please share it with everyone by commenting below.

Use it all!

Melissa Van Dover

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Eating Nose To Tail

Eating Nose to Tail is one of the Paleo Diet principles. The concept stems from our Paleolithic ancestors, who enjoyed every bit of the prized game they hunted. Nose to Tail literally refers to eating all of the animal, instead of discarding ‘unwanted’ pieces, such as the heart, tribe and tongue. This eating style has been revisited in modern times and has grown in popularity over the past few years.

Fergus Henderson, British Chef and Author of Nose to Tail Eating: A Kind of British Cooking, is famous for stating:  “If you’re going to kill the animal it seems only polite to use the whole thing.”

Politeness aside, research has shown us that various nutrient sources and healthy fats are found in the bits we tend to avoid. Moreover, most meat eaters shy away from the organs, making them a fairly economic option. So, the next time you see marrow, liver, kidneys and spleen on the menu, you may want to take it seriously.

Want a guide to Nose to Tail? This is the best one I could find:

Just kidding! Below is a helpful diagram that shows an overview of items and cuts to consider when you indulge in Nose to Tail dining:

Enjoy the experience!

Camilla Carboni

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