Frozen Mochachino


Who doesn’t love a tasty Mochachino to sip on happily during the summer months?

The thing is, most coffee shops make their frozen coffee drinks with genetically modified cow milk, whipped cream, cane sugar and artificial syrup. It’s hard to justify that when there’s a home-made Frozen Mochachino solution right here!

This recipe is not only dairy and refined sugar-free, it’s packed with fiber and antioxidants.

There goes the guilt…now you can really enjoy your summer! 😉


Ice (about 6 cubes)
1 cup coconut milk
2 teaspoons instant coffee (or a shot of espresso and a little less coconut milk)
1 teaspoon cacao powder
1 teaspoon honey or raw agave nectar


In a blender or food processor, pulse the ice until finely crushed.
Add the coconut milk, coffee, cacao powder and honey/agave and pulse for about a minute, or until very well blended.
Pour into a glass and enjoy while cold.

It’s so simple and yet every bit as good as a coffee shop Frozen Mochachino!


Camilla Carboni

@camillacarboni |

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