Valentines Peaches


With Valentine’s Day coming up you might be searching for a sweet treat for your someone special. Don’t worry, we have a simple recipe that anyone can make. This pairs perfectly with coconut yogurt, sorbet or coconut yogurt, which you can make yourself or purchase from your local health food store.


1 peach (a ripe peach is preferable)
1 tablespoon honey
coconut yogurt, sorbet or coconut yogurt (if you’d like)


Wash peach and cut into cubes.
Place peach cubes in a microwave safe bowl and drizzle with honey.
Microwave for 1 to 2 minutes, stir. (or until your peaches are rather warm)
Serve with your choice of yogurt, sorbet or coconut yogurt.

It’s that simple. Impress your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day with a homemade treat.


Melissa Van Dover

@melissavandover |

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