How To Make Paleo Gravy


Gravy is delicious and can bring so much flavor to a variety of things. Gravy doesn’t have to be reserved for just turkey, you can add it to almost any form of meat you’re cooking. One of my favorite things to add gravy to is meatballs, not that tomato sauce isn’t good but sometimes I want something different.

Now I’ve heard a variety of negative remarks when it comes to making gravy. The first is that it’s too difficult to make, this honestly just isn’t true. The second is that you need flour, well yes that helps but thankfully we have tons of Paleo flours that will work just fine. So no need to worry about gluten!

Lets get started…


meat renderings (i.e. the juice left over from your meat after you cook it)
tapioca flour
chicken or beef stock (this is to help fix a few issues we’ll discuss below)


Pour your renderings into a frying pan and place over low heat. (We’re talking low heat, you may see a few bubbles but you don’t want boiling.)
Add 1 tablespoon of tapioca flour and whisk it to incorporate thoroughly.
Here’s the trick, you are going to repeat the previous step until your gravy starts to thicken. (I would wait a minute or so between each tablespoon because gravy is one of those things where all the sudden it will start to thicken).

Here are two issues you may run into and how to fix them:

  1. You need more gravy than you have renderings!- simply add either beef or chicken stock to your renderings prior to adding tapioca flour. This will give you more gravy in the long run, you may also want to add a touch of salt and pepper to ensure your gravy is appropriately seasoned.
  2. You put too much flour in and now it’s like goo!- slowly whisk in either beef or chicken stalk. Make sure you do this slowly, it will help to thin out your gravy and get it to the right consistency.


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