Top 5 Paleo Kitchen Tools

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Paleo baking & cooking can be very easy and most of the time we can use the kitchen tools we’re familiar with or have on hand. One thing you’ll notice as you transition into the Paleo lifestyle full-time is that you bake and cook a lot more. There are a few tools that I use regularly and wanted to share with you. While these tools aren’t mandatory for Paleo living, they make my life a lot easier. So I wanted to share in case they help you.

Top 5 Paleo Kitchen Tools

Food Processor- Food processors are great. I’ve used mine for baking and cooking, whether it’s making pesto or date energy bars. I personally use the Kitchen Aid food processor but any sturdy one will work.

Salad Shooter- Salad shooters are great for shredding and grating. I use it often to shrewd zucchini and sweet potatoes that I use in various baked foods. The best part about salad shooters are that they’re relatively inexpensive.

Garlic Press- Garlic is a great way to season foods, unfortunately it can be a pain to peel and dice. I use the Pampered Chef garlic press to do all the work for me. I’m much more likely to include garlic when I use a press because the use and clean up is fast and easy.

Citrus Grater- A citrus grater is an awesome addition to any Paleo kitchen. Grated citrus is a fantastic flavor addition to any meal you’re cooking. Citrus is also a natural way to add flavor to your baked goods. Another way I utilize a citrus grater is to grate ginger, I often add this to fish dishes that I cook.

Mason Jars- Mason jars are a universal lifesaver. They’re an easy way to store your foods without having to worry about plastic containers. They can also be used to make mason jar salads. I personally use them to store my coconut milk yogurt and coconut milk whey that I make.

While these 5 kitchen tools aren’t necessary to live a Paleo lifestyle, I find them very useful. Do you have a kitchen tool that you think is necessary for living a Paleo lifestyle? Share it with us in the comments below.

Here’s to a healthier you!

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