Big news, coming to you first! = Paleo Cleanse


It’s now official. The book we’ve been talking about for months and that we have been unable to share the details, the title, the whole shebang is now live on Amazon and ready for you to preorder!

It feels so good to be able to share our big secret with the world and we can’t wait for you to journey with us on the road to health.

So here it is…

Paleo Cleanse: 30 Days of Ancestral Eating to Detox, Drop Pounds, Supercharge Your Health and Transition into a Primal Lifestyle.

Paleo Cleanse


Published by:

A little about the book from our Publisher:


By eliminating virtually all foods, most detox programs leave participants hungry and malnourished.The Paleo Cleanse takes a smarter approach. By allowing, but limiting, readers’ meals to only those natural foods that the human body is designed to properly digest, the program in this book guarantees that readers can quickly and effectively drop pounds, gain energy and feel great without starving themselves.

The benefits of the mega-popular paleo approach to eating are widely known, but putting its principles into practice are not so simple. Luckily, The Paleo Cleanse makes it easy by guiding readers step by step into paleo eating with everything from specific food replacements and helpful tips to customized meal plans and 100 delicious recipes.

Easy to follow and stay with, this unique cleanse has readers eating full meals while simultaneously flushing more and more unhealthy items from their system. Addressing unhealthy eating as well as all major food allergens, it also ensures that anyone can achieve renewed health after only one month of paleo eating.

Get your copy now at a discounted rate – preorder on Amazon.

Here’s to a healthier you!

Camilla and Melissa | @thepaleopact |


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