Grass-Fed Does Not Necessarily = Grass-Finished

The grass-fed subject comes up a lot and it’s a very important part of the Paleo philosophy. A while back, Melissa wrote a post about the difference between grass-fed and vegetarian-fed and now, following a number of recent inquiries, we wanted to delve a little further into the subject and the need to check not only on whether your meat is grass-fed, but also whether it is grass-finished.

Grass-fed is the hottest new food label, and for good reason. Grass-fed beef describes the meat from animals who have been fed their natural diet, and hence are healthier, happier and hormone-free. The problem is, as soon as food labels become sought after, everyone wants to add the “grass-fed” title to their advertising campaign and sadly, we’re starting to catch some examples of “grass-fed”, but grain-finished.

What is grass-fed, grain-finished?

This means that the animals were initially fed their natural diet of grass, but then, prior to being slaughtered, were fattened up on grains. And that’s when we run into health side-effects. Like us, animals are not accustomed to eating grain and it causes them intestinal irritation and inflammation, resulting in the need for antibiotics and other treatments. As such, the meat we then eat has traces of unnatural sources. Grain-finished meat also boasts less omega-3 and a significantly lower amount of vitamin E, among other vital nutrients like beta-carotene, B-vitamins and minerals.

Our best grass-fed advice?

Ask your butcher if the meat is grass-fed and grass-finished. Read your labels carefully. And last but not least, see if you can purchase your meat directly from the source: from a local farm.

I personally buy my grass-fed, grass-finished meat in bulk from Corner Post Meats and highly recommend their product. Chances are, you can find a great local meat source option near you and then, not only can you be sure of the quality of meat that you are purchasing, you can also save with bulk order discounts.

Here’s to grass-fed, all the way!

Camilla Carboni

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Battle of the Omegas

It seems to have been commonly accepted that omegas, despite their high natural fat content, are necessary for human health.

Our bodies don’t produce these fatty acids naturally, so we need to get adequate amounts from food in order for our cells to function. What is still in question however, and what surfaces more and more with the growing amount of vegetable oils on our shelves and in our food, is the question of the appropriate omega 3 to omega 6 ratio.

What’s the difference between omega 3 and omega 6?

Both are polyunsaturated fats, also known as fatty acids. Omega 3 is primarily found in fish, such as salmon and tuna, as well as in walnuts and flaxseed. Omega 3 aids the body with blood thinning and reduces inflammation. Omega 6 comes largely as linoleic acid from plant sources, such as corn oil, soybean oil and sunflower oil. Omega 6 helps with blood thickening and immune response. Both fatty acids are vital components of the human diet, however, due to the large amount of vegetable oil, processed food and candy that contain high doses of omega 6, the average American is getting a much greater amount of omega 6 than necessary, and too little omega 3.

Why is the omega 3 to omega 6 ratio important?

Because each of the omegas have opposite functions, a healthy body relies on a balance of both fatty acids. An excess of omega 6, so common in the Western diet, is thought to be directly related to the increase of diseases like asthma, heart disease and cancer, and attributing to the alarming rise of obesity and depression.

What are a few easy ways to ensure I maintain a good omega 3 to omega 6 ratio?

  • Eat grass-fed beef
  • Eat wild-caught fish
  • Eat flax seeds
  • Eat walnuts
  • Eat olive oil
  • Avoid all vegetable oils
  • Avoid fast food
  • Avoid industrial food
  • Avoid candy

Here’s to a healthier You!

Camilla Carboni

@camillacarboni |

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Go Nuts!

When we say “Go Nuts”, we don’t mean the crazy kind. We mean the raw, unsalted, omega 3-rich, natural kind!

Nuts boast large quantities of protein, fiber and essential fatty acids and are an easy and nutritious on the go snack that won’t leave you crashing. Plus, you can sneak them in to all kinds of recipes, from smoothies to salads and Paleo breads to power bars.

Each nut has it’s own unique composition and it’s own great benefits.

Let’s take a look at what we can go nuts for!


Calcium-rich and high in vitamin E, almonds (particularly with their skin in tact), provide the body with essential oils that aid the heart and skin.

Brazil Nuts

Full of selenium, Brazil nuts help with the production of the active thyroid hormone, support the immune system and assist the body with healing.


Full of protein, iron, magnesium and zinc, cashew nuts provide minerals that help with memory function.


A great source of folate, hazelnuts help to lower homocysteine levels, which reduces the risk of degenerative diseases.

Macadamia Nuts

High in natural fat, fiber and minerals, macadamia nuts support the heart and brain and make a good addition to a variety of dishes.


Antioxidant-rich and full of vitamins B and E, pecans provide natural energy and help lower cholesterol levels.


Offering plenty of vitamin B6, potassium, fiber and antioxidants, pistachios are believed to help balance hormones and protect the eyes.


Very high in antioxidants, walnuts help keep disease at bay and provide a healthy source of natural fat.

Note: You don’t find peanuts on this list as peanuts are actually a legume and are not considered Paleo-friendly because of the digestive complications they cause within the human body.

So there you have it–our full permission to go Nuts!!

Camilla Carboni

@camillacarboni |

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