Paleo Explained


A message from Camilla and Melissa

We love to have guest posts and we’re so grateful that others want to share their stories, creations and experiences with all of us. Every individual is entitled to their own health beliefs and we respect everyones wishes. While some of the comments in our guest posts may not be reflective of a true “Paleo Diet”, it is our hope that the common goal of a healthier life will help to guide you in your own health choices.

We are excited to present The Paleo Diet Infographic courtesy of Life Health HQ!



About Life Health HQ

The Life Health HQ blog has published a new infographic explaining the paleo diet and why so many folks have switched over to paleo eating. The Paleo Diet Infographic uses fun visuals to provide a general overview of the theory behind paleo eating, what foods can and cannot be eaten on the paleo diet, and the nutritional benefits of going Paleo.

Feel free to share this infographic on your own blog or on social media…more power to Paleo!


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