Acidity Versus Alkalinity

Tony Robbins talks a lot about the importance of pH balance within the body.

He may be best known as the leader of the motivational industry, but Tony Robbins is a health advocate first and foremost.

Tony believes and promotes the need to keep our body healthy, strong and fit in order to have the power one needs to achieve in other areas of life. He also encourages everybody to take regular pH balance tests and he’s not alone in that suggestion.

What is a pH balance test and what does it tell me?

The most common pH balance test is performed with pH strips. The strips work with either urine or saliva samples and illustrate the level of pH in the body by indicating acidity or alkaline range in color, numbers or both.

If your results are in the acid range, your diet is likely too acidic. On the other hand, if your results are heavily alkaline, you might want to think about adding acidic foods to your diet to normalize your pH range.

Why is pH balance important?

The pH of human blood should be slightly alkaline. Neutral pH is considered to be at 7.0. Anything above that number (greater than 7.0) is alkaline. Anything less than 7.0 is acidic.

The ideal pH balance in the human body is around 7.4.

This level enables the enzymes in your body to function properly. When the body is too acidic, the enzymes cannot operate normally. Teeth decay, muscles cramps and fatigue tend to set in, and oxygen levels in the body’s tissues decrease, causing lack of breath. The body then utilizes its alkaline reserves to try and return the pH balance to an optimal level and, in doing so, further depletes its alkalinity. Long-term over-acidity has been linked to the onset of diseases, such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

In a nutshell: Acid = Aging. Alkaline = Retained Youth.

What foods can I eat to increase Alkalinity in my body?

Here is a great guide to foods that will help you increase the Alkalinity in your body, as well as ones to avoid if your pH is leading towards being too acidic:

To good health,

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